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Adrian Corner Sofa

7475 AED

3 weeks ago

Burc Beige Corner Sofa

4848 AED

3 weeks ago

Andrea Corner Sofa (Left)

3822 AED

3 weeks ago

Martin Corner Sofa

2966 AED

3 weeks ago

Austin Corner Sofa

3244 AED

3 weeks ago

Samuel Corner Sofa

2675 AED

3 weeks ago

Ocean Red Corner Sofa

1524 AED

3 weeks ago

Kent Corner Sofa

3508 AED

3 weeks ago

Rome Sofa

2812 AED

3 weeks ago

Dubai Corner Sofa

3197 AED

3 weeks ago

Rio Corner Sofa

3261 AED

3 weeks ago

Mercurio Black Corner Sofa

1277 AED

3 weeks ago

Viena Corner Sofa

3505 AED

3 weeks ago

Tokyo Corner Sofa

4249 AED

3 weeks ago

Charlotte Corner Sofa

3246 AED

3 weeks ago

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Sectional Sofas at Dubai Furniture Direct


Dubai Furniture Direct offers a wide selection of sectional sofas created by best designers and manufacturers from all over the world.

Living rooms are the most popular place in any home and therefore, no matter what type of sofa you choose, it is essential to have not only a nice looking but a high quality product that will last for many years.


There are several things you have to pay extra attention when choosing sectional sofas:


  • - Filling. There are there main types of filling used in sofas: fiber, foam and feather. All of them have their pros and cons, and our staff will help you to make the right choice.
  • - Upholstery. You want to have something nice, but you also want the upholstery to be practical and enduring.
  • - Forms. This is the key element of your living room’s interior and normally a case of individual preference. Sectional sofas will help you with experimenting.


Modern and minimalistic

Sectional sofas are an excellent solution for creating a cozy atmosphere in your living room. Unlike traditional sofas, they make the room more open and spacious.



Nature of sectional sofas leaves plenty of room for experiment. You can place sections in different places and make several combinations within the living room’s space. Be your own designer, don’t be afraid to experiment, and you will definitely be happy with the results.

Ideally, you first have to know the length and width of your room and to make a drawing, not forgetting to mark the doors and windows. This will help you to get a better perspective and find the best positioning for your sofas.

Our experienced consultants will help you to make the best decision selecting what exactly suits your needs.


Other important aspects of sectional sofas are forms, number of sections, width and depth, type of upholstery, elbow rests. Some manufacturers offer built-in shelves and liquor cabinets.


Usually sectional sofas are not cheap, but as a future owner of Dubai Furniture Direct products you can be confident of getting the best quality at the best price.



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