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# HOT SALE # Chic Minibar for ″An Incredible Connected Lifestyle″ at home


21 april 2018, 12:52

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Having the itch to grab a beautiful drink when you’re in the middle of a TV binge-watching marathon? Here goes the exellent solution: Chic Minibar for "An Incredible Connected Lifestyle" at home!

The table is a piece of hi-tech furniture that’s chock-full of the modern conveniences you`ve always wished for. This sleek coffee table is made for a “connected lifestyle” and features a built-in Bluetooth speaker system, electronic chargers, LED lighting, and a mini-fridge.

From the outset, it like a white coffee table you’d find at a modern design store. Just beyond its tempered glass top, however, there`s a touch control interface that commands the audio, lighting, and drawer temperature. It seems simple, but it`s incredibly powerful—and easy to keep clean.

The sides of the table are where it gets most of its use. On the shorter edge, there are spots for USB charging as well as power outlets and speakers with enhanced sound capabilities. Storage drawers line the width of the table. There’s a smaller one for conventional items like magazines, remote controls, and snacks. Next to it—and one of the biggest selling points—is a refrigerated drawer that’ll keep your water, soda, and adult beverages cold. The design is subtle, and the storage system is out of sight when completely closed.


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