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Danford King

447 AED

3 weeks ago

Barrington King

881 AED

3 weeks ago

Barrington Queen

819 AED

3 weeks ago

Danford Queen

425 AED

3 weeks ago

Barrington Single

459 AED

3 weeks ago

Danford Super King

507 AED

3 weeks ago

Barrington Super King

974 AED

3 weeks ago

Classic Plus King

587 AED

3 weeks ago

Grand Regency King

1315 AED

3 weeks ago

Barrington Twin

587 AED

3 weeks ago

Classic Plus Queen

547 AED

3 weeks ago

Classic Plus Single

306 AED

3 weeks ago

Classic Plus Super King

653 AED

3 weeks ago

Classic Plus Twin

391 AED

3 weeks ago

Danford Single

241 AED

3 weeks ago

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There are few items so coveted in a home as the bed. Taking up about a third of our lives, sleeping is a very important matter, and people have made every effort to make it as comfortable as possible. The most important element in this equation is the mattress, essentially the backbone of every standard sleeping pad. mattresses are built to support the people sleeping on them, and subsequently have many different variations based on their owners’ preferences. Below, you can read about the most popular kinds of mattresses.


Mattress types

The most popular mattress type is the innerspring mattress. It should be mentioned that all conventional mattresses have a layer for support and an outside layer made of comfortable material encompassing the inner layer. As for the innerspring mattress, support is created by metal springs in the core of the mattress. Usually, these springs are encompassed by foundations of wood, steel, and other sturdy materials. The upholstery and fabric layer of a conventional mattress is meant to be a cushion pleasant to the touch. Another major mattress type that is around today is the foam mattress. As you may infer from the name, foam mattresses’ core layer is made of materials like polyurethane, memory and latex rubber foam. Memory foam is especially appealing to some due to its special, body-conforming features. Latex mattresses have been around for less than a century, yet have already made a big influence in this market, impressing customers with their durability. Finally, more exotic and unconventional mattress choices include air and water mattresses supported by layers of air or water.


Choosing a mattress

To get the most out of your sleep, all you have to do is choose the right mattress, and Dubai Furniture Direct is an online store open for just this person. Here you can choose mattresses to suit your every need, whether it be the standard sleeping pad, a soft surface for indoor fun, or as part of a package for a luxurious bed. The possibilities are endless, and it doesn’t stop there. Contrary to popular belief, some mattresses are intended for some very unusual purposes. For example, medical mattresses exist to help people with spinal problems or disorders. Another good example is the self-inflating mattress, built for outings and other atypical situations. The assortment of items is sure to impress you, as we always take it upon ourselves to offer our customers the very finest.



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