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Kaspian Desk

298 AED

3 weeks ago

Caps Blue Desk

253 AED

3 weeks ago

Pirate Ship Sail Desk

592 AED

3 weeks ago

Doors Desk with Drawers

375 AED

3 weeks ago

New York Desk

295 AED

3 weeks ago

Doors Desk

184 AED

3 weeks ago

Little Star Cartoon Desk

595 AED

3 weeks ago

Princess Palace Desk

599 AED

3 weeks ago

Caps Pink Desk

253 AED

3 weeks ago

July Desk

417 AED

3 weeks ago


Are you looking for a desk to be sufficiently versatile in terms of comfort and function, yet sophisticated to blend in with the color scheme of your home's decor? Then Dubai Furniture Direct is exactly what you need as here you can find a huge variety of desks for your home office that will not only provide you with comfortable working space, but also ideally complete the look of your living area whether it is contemporary-styled or a traditional one.


Selecting a smart solution to comply with your wishes

But before selecting the desk that will perfectly suit your needs, make sure you are aware of the desk types available at our online store.

Those who have to deal with drawing or sketching at their working place might take advantage of standing desks or drafting tables. Moreover, they could serve as an alternative desk for people who are used to working in a sitting position most of their time to give their sore backs a break.

If you spend loads of time sitting at the computer, then you will definitely benefit from our computer desks, equipped with a keyboard platform and adjustable legs to promote better comfort and less muscle strain. These desks also feature wiring holes which allows keeping cords out of the way.

Working at home and raising small kids at the same time might be overwhelming, so you should probably take good care of your documents. In this case purchasing a compact armoire desk with built-in cabinets and shelving will help immeasurably to conceal the clutter and keep things organized, while locking drawers will store the most important and valuable papers out of your children's sight.


Top-quality desks at affordable prices from Dubai Furniture Direct

Get most out of our desks as they are available in myriads of choices. Go for laminate surfaces if your budget is limited, and you will not be disappointed as this particular type of material will provide you with even more durability compared to wood, while creating a visual illusion that fools an eye into believing that a desk is crafted from pure wood. Choose from a wide array of colors and patterns to ideally match the color scheme of your room decor.


Add more charm to your work space with our wood and veneer options

Bring more elegance into the interior of your home office by purchasing the desks that are made of wood or covered with veneer. The intricate carving and dense hints of wood will surely add a sophisticated flair to your working space. Meticulously designed, these desks offer the impeccable quality for both suspension parts and construction itself to create comfortable and ergonomic workplace within your home office.


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