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Black Rose Wardrobe

2086 AED

3 weeks ago

Bolden Wardrobe

1471 AED

3 weeks ago

Doors Wardrobe

698 AED

3 weeks ago

July Wardrobe

859 AED

3 weeks ago

Kapri Wardrobe

757 AED

3 weeks ago

Karmen Oak Wardrobe 3 Door

899 AED

3 weeks ago

Kentaki Wardrobe 4 Door

1808 AED

3 weeks ago

Koen 3 Door Wardrobe

998 AED

3 weeks ago

New York 3-D Wardrobe

740 AED

3 weeks ago

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Your bed is the focal point of the bedroom, whereas a mattress is the heart of your bed. Therefore, finding the mattress that would perfectly fit your body is the most crucial point when purchasing a new bed. It should be soft to ensure maximum comfort, yet firm enough to conform to the contours of your body. If your mattress doesn't meet these criteria, you will end up feeling worn out after your night sleep. At Dubai Furniture Direct, we pride ourselves on offering you a wide range of mattresses, from innerspring to foam in your choice that will no doubt improve the quality of your sleep along with your health.


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Whether you are seeking for additional storage space or stylish look in your bed, we are pleased to offer you a variety of options to perfectly suit your needs.

Is your miniature bedroom cramped with furniture and you need to make your room more spacious? Or maybe you have too much stuff lying around? Then you will squeal with delight once you find out about our space-solving beds. With their underbed and headbed drawers, these beds will supply you with loads of out-of-sight storage. For those who want to add more sophistication to the interior of your bedroom, we can offer you our charming upholstered beds or feminine canopy beds that come in an array of colors and styles.


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