Dubai Furniture Direct offers multiple options when it comes to selecting a bathroom vanity. The only things that might limit you are your bathroom’s actual dimensions and your budget.
In most cases you will find two styles of bathroom vanity cabinets:

  • - Bathrooms equipped with face frame vanities normally have a more traditional look.
  • - Frameless vanities. These are designed to give the bathroom a more contemporary look.

There are some very essential questions you want to have answers to before purchasing your new bathroom vanity, whether you need this piece of furniture for a smaller bathroom or for a larger space. We at Dubai Furniture Direct are happy to guide you through the process of selecting the best vanity cabinet for your bathroom.

Bathroom size

What you have to do at first is to take measurement of your bathroom and decide how much space is available. You also need to know the dimensions of the area where you intend to install the vanity cabinet. Normally you can experiment with the height of the cabinet, while width and depth are usually fixed. Also consider any possible interference with the shower doors, storage drawers, and the entryway.

Number of sinks

If your bathroom is capacious enough, your priority will often be the number of sinks. Double vanities will be the best fit for a family bathroom, while two sinks option is best for cabinets having at least 48" in width. The best option for smaller bathrooms is vanities with a single sink.

Type of sink

There are three major types of sinks: undermount, self-rimming, and vessel.

Undermount sinks are the ones with rim being attached to the bottom of the counter. They have no exposed edges which makes countertop cleanup a very easy thing to do.

Self-Rimming sinks are also called top-mount or drop-in. These are mounted directly into an opening on the counter, with the sink’s edges resting on it.

Vessel sinks don’t require undermount installation. Normally these are bowl-shaped units that sit on top of the counter surface.

People come first

Height of the people living in your home is another thing to be taken into consideration. If the vanity cabinet is low, and you are tall, it will definitely cause you discomfort or even pain. On the other hand, if you have children or not very tall people in your house, lower vanities might be just the right option for you.

There also might be handicapped people using a wheelchair in your house. Think about them taking into consideration the fact that it usually requires some extra space for a wheelchair to turn around.

Additional work

Depending on the situation, other works, such as floor work or plumbing adjustment, may be required in the bathroom before you will be able to use your new vanity cabinet. Take this into consideration when planning you budget.

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets offer more than just storage. They give form and function to your bathroom, and create atmosphere for your own special space. There is a vast selection of cabinet types available in our store, and the one you choose depends on your bathroom floor space and general style preference. Your bathroom cabinet must be proportional to the overall size of your bathroom and other bathroom furniture. Let`s walk you through most popular types of bathroom cabinets to help you make the right purchase.

Tall Cabinets

Usually equipped with a combination of shelves and drawers, these cabinets (also called linen cabinets) can feature one or two doors and will store not only your towels and bath apparel but also your collections of toiletries, spa accessories and hair styling appliances. Models that are more sophisticated are equipped with dedicated display shelves to parade your bathroom décor such as beach shells, vases or a favorite collection of scented candles. These models tend to feature built-in lights.

Floor cabinets

A floor cabinet is essentially a shorter or generally smaller version of a linen cabinet and serves the same purpose. Of course, due to sheer size, it cannot house as many towels and toiletries.

Wall cabinets

Wall mounted cabinets are of smaller variety and can be fixed over the toilet or used as an additional wall storage exactly where you need it.

For a very small bathroom, we recommend you to consider either combining a floor cabinet with a wall-mounted cabinet or pick a slimmer linen cabinet that fits into a corner.

Medicine cabinets

In a bathroom where floor space is sparse but bath products are plentiful, a wall mounted medicine cabinet is a perfect storage addition. Most medicine cabinets tend to average around 10 centimeters in depths or so with front doors equipped with a mirror creating “hidden” cabinet esthetics. Mirrored medicine cabinets make the ideal dual-purpose purchase.


This bathroom cabinet variety offers ample bathroom storage in a unit that fits immediately around your water closet. The doors on the cabinet hide toilet tissues, wash clothes or anything you want to keep out of sight. The open shelves make it possible to display clean towels or bath accessories.

Wall- and floor-mounted rotating cabinets

Combining a cabinet storage on one side with a full-length mirror on the opposite side, this trendy variety of bathroom cabinets is a true space saver. Such units mount to both the floor and the wall and rotate 360 degrees on floor mounted post.

Bathroom Shelving

When it comes to selecting bathroom shelving Dubai Furniture Direct offers a variety of styles to choose from. All items we have on sale will help home owners to utilize bathroom spaces more efficiently.

Shelving is a rather important accessory throughout the home, helping to provide extra storage. This applies to bathrooms as well, often at even greater scale since they are often small in size and require some extra space to hold numerous items including bathroom essentials and towels. Bathroom shelving will also help you free up counter space.



Things to consider when choosing bathroom shelving



  • - Quality. This is probably the most important aspect to pay attention to. The cheaper your shelf is the higher the likelihood that you will have to replace it after a short period of time.
  • - Materials. We are talking about bathrooms, and that means water. Condensed water after you take shower or wash your hands will inevitably settle not only on the walls, but on all furniture items including shelves. Therefore, if you want your bathroom shelving to last for a long time, make sure it is made of water resistant materials.



Measure your space



Before pulling your wallet out, you have to decide on two things. You want to know how much storage space you need in the bathroom. This means you already know what your bathroom shelving is actually going to store. Will it be a small one just for keeping clean towels? Or maybe you need a bigger one for numerous small items like cotton balls, shower accessories, etc.?



Types of bathroom shelving



Basically, you will find two principal types of bathroom shelving.

Rack shelving is quite simple from the design point of view. Having neither drawers nor doors, this type of shelving comes with a pile of open space making it a good solution for storing things like clean towels, a hair dryer and other small items.

Cabinet shelving is equipped with doors and drawers. While rack shelving might be easier when to comes to accessing your storage, cabinet shelving offers much more space and will be an excellent solution for larger bathrooms.



Useful tip

Standard bathroom shelving normally has one foot between each shelf, something that will limit your freedom of action.





Yet, at Dubai Furniture Direct you will also find more advanced models giving you the ability to adjust space between the shelves to your preference. This makes your measurement efforts much easier since you don’t have to be too exact with dimensions.



Why choosing the high-quality bed is important?

Have you ever thought that people spend about one third of their lives in bed? Quite a large portion of time, isn't it? Which is why, the most important thing to consider before buying a new bed is comfort. A cozy bed will bring you a restful sleep, as well as energy and strength for a long day ahead. But if you toss and turn during the night or suffer from backaches, maybe it is about time you thought about changing your bed. In many cases an uncomfortable bed is the main culprit of sleep disturbances. So if you have any problems sleeping, do not hesitate to make a smart investment in a good bed purchased from Dubai Furniture Direct, since here you can find the beds that are designed to suit your sleep and relaxation needs. You will surely be thrilled by our great selection of top-quality, sturdy beds that are available in myriads of styles and sizes.


Mattresses for your comfort and rest

Your bed is the focal point of the bedroom, whereas a mattress is the heart of your bed. Therefore, finding the mattress that would perfectly fit your body is the most crucial point when purchasing a new bed. It should be soft to ensure maximum comfort, yet firm enough to conform to the contours of your body. If your mattress doesn't meet these criteria, you will end up feeling worn out after your night sleep. At Dubai Furniture Direct, we pride ourselves on offering you a wide range of mattresses, from innerspring to foam in your choice that will no doubt improve the quality of your sleep along with your health.


A great selection of beds in your choice

Whether you are seeking for additional storage space or stylish look in your bed, we are pleased to offer you a variety of options to perfectly suit your needs.

Is your miniature bedroom cramped with furniture and you need to make your room more spacious? Or maybe you have too much stuff lying around? Then you will squeal with delight once you find out about our space-solving beds. With their underbed and headbed drawers, these beds will supply you with loads of out-of-sight storage. For those who want to add more sophistication to the interior of your bedroom, we can offer you our charming upholstered beds or feminine canopy beds that come in an array of colors and styles.


You will enjoy buying beds from Dubai Furniture Direct.

Choosing the right bed can be overwhelming. But at Dubai Furniture Direct we take our customers' satisfaction seriously, which is why our friendly, professional staff will do their best to make your buying experience as easy and rewarding as possible.

A Headboard as an Interior Element

The cozy and calm interior is the main and obligatory requirement for any bedroom. Every detail of the interior of the room designed for relaxation should awaken positive emotions. It concerns textile and other accessories, color scheme, furniture and of course a headboard. All these details create a comfortable atmosphere. And a headboard, designed in the stylish and original way, will serve as the source of warmth and comfort.

The Wide Range of Headboards, Offered by "Dubai Furniture Direct"

The online furniture store “Dubai Furniture Direct” offers various models of headboards, so you can find the most suitable option here.

Thanks to the large catalog of the online store, it is much easier to make the choice. One of the advantages of using the website of “Dubai Furniture Direct” is that all the products are classified into categories. Thus, the headboards, designed in the romantic style, are one of the most popular categories of the site. On our website you can find headboards decorated using floral patterns. Thanks to such a headboard, a room will become more tender and romantic.

If you want to bring the feeling of nature into your room, select a headboard made of natural materials and decorated using natural colors, as well as pay attention to the thematic emphases.

Thus, on the website of "Dubai Furniture Direct" you can find such headboards:

  • - simple and tasteful;
  • - mini-canopies;
  • - funny shaped headboards;
  • - two-in-one;
  • - curtain-headboards;
  • - bright headboards;
  • - luxurious headboards, etc.

A curtain-headboard will come in handy if you want privacy in your bed; and a two-in-one headboard will serve as the central element of the interior. In such a case, a soft headboard will be the center of attention due to its interesting pattern and large size. It is both a headboard and a painting above the bed. Our online shop offers luxurious headboards, designed using elegant colors, elaborate shapes and classy canopies. All these elements create the atmosphere of luxury in the bedroom.

In addition, on the website “Dubai Furniture Direct” you can find numerous soft textile headboards. They fill the bedroom with the cozy and warm atmosphere, the feeling of safety, and serve as excellent sound insulators. Such headboards are clothed or leathered, using natural leather or leatherette. You can choose the material to match the color of the curtains, carpet and other accessories, or choose a contrasting fabric. Choosing this online store, you can both get acquainted with a wide range of goods and make an order. In addition, the customer services of the website “Dubai Furniture Direct” works around the clock and they will answer any questions, concerning products or orders.



Finding the right furniture for your bedroom might be a great challenge

Even though choosing bedroom furniture may sometimes seem daunting and overwhelming, it is still a very important task as bedroom is ultimately the place where you spend an essential portion of your life sleeping, relaxing or thinking. Which is why, the furniture you will finally decide on should not only complement the decor of your living area but harmonize with your inner self.

Multiple opportunities for your bedroom decoration

If you are the type of person that looks for unity in style while trying to cut back on expenses, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the abundant opportunities offered by our online store. With our top-quality bedroom sets you will manage to furnish your bedroom in the most exquisite way while being able to budget your finances wisely.

Before choosing bedroom sets, the first thing to do must be your space consideration. If you have a tiny bedroom, then finding the right furniture that could allow to visually expand the space might be an ideal solution. Therefore, making a smart purchase and choosing the pieces that best suit your needs will surely help to transform your pint-size room into a spacious bedroom. As the bed is the main element of each bedroom, it might be helpful to opt for a bed with a built-in dresser which is a good combination of comfort and function. Our tall headboard beds can also help to fool the eye and thus enlarge the volume of your bedroom space. Lastly, our light monochromatic furniture sets, including night-stands, vanity tables and dressers will serve ideally for this purpose by not only creating the optical illusion of larger room, but also providing some storage space. Conversely, if your sleeping room is large and you want to highlight the magnificence of your bedroom, then you will be thrilled with our spectacular collection of padded headboard beds, armoire dressers or wardrobe dressers. These are available in an unlimited array of colors and multiple styles in your choice.

Why should you purchase furniture sets from Dubai Furniture Direct

By purchasing our furniture sets, you will discover that creating your own look for your bedroom has never been easier. Dubai Furniture Direct is proud to offer you furniture sets of impeccable quality and craftsmanship. And you will definitely fall in love the furniture that not only is incredibly beautiful, but is sturdy as well, and no doubts will last for ages. We especially pride ourselves with our team of professional specialist who strive to deliver first-rate service and handle any tasks in a timely manner.

Chests and Dressers

Dressers and chests are crucial components of bedroom furniture. We would not be able to store our growing collections of clothes, home textile and accessories without them. The floor space of your bedroom is another important factor that influences your choice of furniture. Before you start shopping for your bedroom furniture, take time to read our tips.


What’s the difference between a dresser and a chest?

Usually, a chest is made up only of one line of six-to eight drawers that run vertically. A dresser is a shorter and wider furniture piece that includes either one line of wide drawers or multiples lines of smaller drawers and cabinets. Dressers are often combined with mirrors. It is a trend to buy both a dresser to store clothes like lingerie, knitwear or shirts and a chest to store your bed linen and home textile. If your bedroom is not big enough, a vertical chest will be more appropriate.


What are the key specs of chests and dressers I need to know?

The key parameters that determine endurance and smooth operation of drawer-based furniture are the joinery of drawers and the drawer guides. Modern drawers tend to feature the so-called dovetail joinery. Made up of interlocking pins and tails, the joint connects fronts, backs and sides of a drawer, preventing it from disintegration from regular pulling and pushing. Modern quality drawers also feature full extension metal guides that allow you to open and close drawers with ease. Automatic drawer guide stops guarantee that drawers will never fall out.


What are the recent trends in chests and dressers` design?

In the last three to five years, manufacturers started to add extra features to their bedroom storage furniture that almost became industry standards. Let’s consider some of them:


Jewelry storage space

Some upper-scale models of modern chests and dressers feature a felt-lined top drawer dedicated to jewelry and watch storage to hide your precious items and eliminate the need for bulky jewelry boxes. In-built felt trays protect your jewelry from scratching, slipping and deformation. Some models feature hidden jewelry storage on the side panel where you can hang your earrings and necklaces on dedicated hooks.


Cedar lined drawers

Designed for storing your extra bed-linen and out-of-season clothing, cedar lined bottom drawers help protect your items from bug infestations, moisture and mold, thus eliminating the need for hazardous products like moth balls. Cedar wood effuses a pleasant fresh woody scent that creates a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom.

Get a nightstand of your dream at Dubai Furniture Direct

It is nearly impossible to overstress the importance of a nightstand’s presence in your bedroom. This piece of furniture combines so many useful functions it’s really hard to do without it.
Apart from their functionality, nightstands are a perfect item for decorating bedrooms, often making a cozy and warm atmosphere.
Yet, not any nightstand will satisfy wishes of the owners, therefore, before you purchase one for your bedroom, there are some things you have to make clear for yourself.

Things to know

  • - A nightstand might be pricey, but it’s definitely a perfect solution to your bedroom’s interior
  • - There are nightstands made in different styles that will satisfy anyone’s taste
  • - Experienced managers at Dubai Furniture Direct are ready to consult and assist you in making the right choice for your bedroom



How choose a nightstand?

What you have to do first is to decide on the desired size of your nightstand. Take a good look at your bedroom and see whether it’s best to put it right at the bedside or maybe it makes sense to move it slightly in the window’s direction. Or, who knows, maybe you would like to have two nightstands standing at either side of the bed’s headboard.

These are the questions you have to have an answer to before actually choosing your nightstand’s size. Another important thing is to figure out why would you want to have a nightstand. Maybe you like reading before sleep and a nightstand is needed for a night lamp, and a couple of books or a magazine. If this is the case you will want a relatively small nightstand.

If you want to use a nightstand to keep clothing in, you will need a bigger one with capacious built-in drawers.






Popular solutions

Nowadays nightstands with upholstery made of natural or artificial leather, tapestry, velour or any other solid ornamental upholstery are gaining more and more popularity. These nightstands give bedrooms some distinctive look and can be a very good decoration solution for any bedroom.

If you don’t want your nightstand to be a strange element in the bedroom’s interior, pay enough attention to selecting the right model. Today’s furniture market offers nightstands of some really unexpected styles, colors and forms, and this is something you can find at Dubai Furniture Direct too.

The most important thing is that, no matter what kind of a nightstand you choose, whether it is a classic or high-tech style, this piece of furniture will be the right answer to any problem of the modern bedroom.





Select your armoire at Dubai Furniture Direct

Selecting a high quality armoire may prove to be a tricky affaire unless you know what to pay attention to before the purchase is made. We at Dubai Furniture Direct are always happy to consult and assist you.

The word "armoire" comes from French and dates back to the 16th century. It usually refers to any stand-alone cupboard that is used for storage of different things. Originally used to store weapons, later armoires began to be used to store mostly clothing and shoes. Nowadays they also widely used for keeping television sets, computers, and jewelry.

You may also know that armoires replaced trunks and, to lesser extent, chest drawers, making the storage of clothes more comfortable.

Nevertheless, today’s armoires are quite complicated from the design point of view. This is a very important piece of furniture that normally has to be able to be a place for storing both winter and summer clothes, skirts, trousers, shirts and underwear.


Types of armoires

Modern armoires vary intensely in size and functionality.

  • Some of them are designed to store clothes only
  • Other armories are designed for TV sets and accessories, e.g. amplifiers, speakers, DVD players and even turntables.
  • There are smaller armories designed for housing computers, allowing to hide desktops or laptops when they are not in use.
  • Some women are often very fond of jewelry armories. These are usually smaller in size and can be a traditional two-door models or a regular chest of drawers.



Choosing the right armoire



The size and shape of armoires depend solely on their usage and functionality. Sometimes these pieces of furniture are also bought as antiques or reproductions. As much as they vary in types, armoires can be rich in detail or quite simplistic.
Major styles of armoires are Gothic, Renaissance, Louis XIII, Regency, Louis Philippe, Art Deco, and modern. What you choose for your home is often a question of personal preferences rather than functionality. In any case, we at Dubai Furniture will gladly consult you on the best options.

Armoire purchasing tips

Before you purchase your new armoire, the first thing you have to do is to take measurements of the space you intend to place it. It is also important to have sizes of any doors, entryways, and tight spaces it will have to go through.
If you plan to buy it for a television set, entertainment center or a computer, take measurements of your electronic devices as well.
It is equally important to select style. A room with light and modern furniture is not the best fit for a heavy gothic armoire.

Finally, choose quality over savings. A cheap and poorly made armoire will not last long and will most likely fall apart very quickly. You want quality materials, and always that means higher prices.


There are few items so coveted in a home as the bed. Taking up about a third of our lives, sleeping is a very important matter, and people have made every effort to make it as comfortable as possible. The most important element in this equation is the mattress, essentially the backbone of every standard sleeping pad. mattresses are built to support the people sleeping on them, and subsequently have many different variations based on their owners’ preferences. Below, you can read about the most popular kinds of mattresses.


Mattress types

The most popular mattress type is the innerspring mattress. It should be mentioned that all conventional mattresses have a layer for support and an outside layer made of comfortable material encompassing the inner layer. As for the innerspring mattress, support is created by metal springs in the core of the mattress. Usually, these springs are encompassed by foundations of wood, steel, and other sturdy materials. The upholstery and fabric layer of a conventional mattress is meant to be a cushion pleasant to the touch. Another major mattress type that is around today is the foam mattress. As you may infer from the name, foam mattresses’ core layer is made of materials like polyurethane, memory and latex rubber foam. Memory foam is especially appealing to some due to its special, body-conforming features. Latex mattresses have been around for less than a century, yet have already made a big influence in this market, impressing customers with their durability. Finally, more exotic and unconventional mattress choices include air and water mattresses supported by layers of air or water.


Choosing a mattress

To get the most out of your sleep, all you have to do is choose the right mattress, and Dubai Furniture Direct is an online store open for just this person. Here you can choose mattresses to suit your every need, whether it be the standard sleeping pad, a soft surface for indoor fun, or as part of a package for a luxurious bed. The possibilities are endless, and it doesn’t stop there. Contrary to popular belief, some mattresses are intended for some very unusual purposes. For example, medical mattresses exist to help people with spinal problems or disorders. Another good example is the self-inflating mattress, built for outings and other atypical situations. The assortment of items is sure to impress you, as we always take it upon ourselves to offer our customers the very finest.


Dining Sets

Family dinners and suppers have always been an indispensable part of life. They are the nice occasions for spending time together with the whole family as all the rest of the time modern people are busy with work and daily problems. Therefore, it is very important to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for such gatherings. It is crucial to choose the proper table and chairs for the kitchen, they should be suitable for the atmosphere of the room, comfortable and capacious. A dining set is a nice option.

In the past, such meals and family celebrations took place in a special room, called the dining room. Today, due to a range of reasons, a dining area and a kitchen are joined together. In the first case, you could use a large table and chairs, while in the latter one – it is problematic to do so. Therefore, the most advantageous option for the second case is a compact and beautiful dining set.

Naturally, it is more pleasant to use comfortable furniture. And you can buy a wonderful dining set in the online store "Dubai Furniture Direct". In the store you’ll be offered the widest range of beautiful, elegant, bright and stylish dining sets!

The Wide Selection of Dining Sets, Offered by "Dubai Furniture Direct"

The Internet shop "Dubai Furniture Direct" offers a wide selection of high quality dining sets.

You can find the following types of dining sets in our catalog:

  • - dining sets, decorated with wooden elements;
  • - beautifully crafted designer dining sets;
  • - wrought-iron dining sets, equipped with glass tabletops;
  • - dining sets made of natural wood, etc.

Dining sets that are made of natural wood are one the most popular options, as this material is environmentally friendly, strong, durable, easy-care, and resistant to mechanical damage; besides, it easily matches other materials. A wrought-iron dining set, equipped with a glass tabletop, is also a beautiful and durable option.

In the section "Dining Sets" of the website of the online store "Dubai Furniture Direct" you can select a suitable dining set for your home. If you have a separate dining room, you can choose long oval or rectangular dining sets, designed for 6-8 persons. If you are looking for a dining set for a small kitchen, prefer small sets, designed for 4 people. Each dining set is equipped with a photo, which will help you get an idea about the product, and make the right choice.

Using the online shop "Dubai Furniture Direct" is a quick and convenient way of buying a suitable dining set in the comfort of your home. In order to buy such a set, you should fill in the form on the website and order the delivery or just call the number mentioned on our website. In addition, our customer service representatives will thoroughly consult you on any issues, and help you choose a dining set suitable for your home.

Dining Tables

Your dining space is the place where your family and friends gather for delicious meals, good company and long conversations. A dining table is the focal point of this space. Deciding on the right dining table is not as simple as it may seem. You need to define several key parameters to arrive at the right decision. Your style preference is important. However, taking the correct measures of your dining space is the Alpha and Omega of successful dining table shopping.

Measuring Guidelines

First, you need to define the desired size of your dining table. The rule of thumb is to allow at least 0.6 m for every person at your table. To create a comfortable dining area, you need to make sure you have enough room to sit and move. We recommend that you leave at least 0.9-1.20 m walking space between your table and other dining room furniture or the wall. The minimum depth for a dining table is 0.75 m.

Extendable dining tables never go out of vogue since they ensure you have a bigger table when you have extra guests dropping by. Extra “leaves” serving as extensions are stored underneath the tabletop. As a rule, dining tables feature either one extra leaf up to 60 centimeters long or two leaves up to 90 centimeters long combined. Leaves are placed in the middle while two regular halves of the tabletop are pushed apart. Another method for extending a dining table is attaching drop leaves. A drop-leaf table can fold on one side or on both sides.

The top of your dining table is the part deserving most attention. Let us walk you through a list of most popular tabletops.

MDF dining tablets

Medium density fiberboard (MDF) tabletop is an engineered wood product covered with real wood veneer. MDF offers modern look and does not cost a fortune.

Glass dining tablets

Glass tabletop creates the feeling of visual lightness; it fears neither moisture nor heat. Sadly, it can scratch with heavy use and it shows fingertips. To clean your glass tabletop, use a glass cleaner and avoid abrasives. Glass tabletops are a great value for the money.

Natural stone dining tablets

Natural stone tabletops of granite and marble look timeless and sophisticated. They are heat-resistant and easy to clean. Natural stone can develop stains after prolonged exposure to liquids and oils. Granite and marble tabletops can be truly expensive – be ready to pay twice as much as for solid wood models.

We recommend using placemats and trivets for all types of tabletops to prolong their life.

Finally, our last advice is that for your formal dining, you`ll want a table to wow your guests. Look for a striking top material or attention-grabbing design. For every-day use, look for a table that can handle bumps and bangs. Pay attention to tables with steel base and glass or granite tops.

Dining Chairs

With so many brands, shapes, colors and materials to choose from, selecting the right chairs for your dining room may prove a harder task than initially thought. Dining chairs not only have to keep you, your family or guests comfortable, they also set the room’s atmosphere and mood.

Things to know before selecting dining chairs

Considering a few important things when you select dining chairs will help you make the right choice.

  • -Your chairs have to be comfortable enough to keep people around the table during the meal for an extended period of time.
  • -You want your chairs not only to be stylish to reflect your vision, but to match the interior of the dining room as well.


People often tend to neglect size of dining chairs, and this is the mistake you have to avoid. As matter of fact, before you purchase anything you have to measure both the room around your table and the size of the room.

You also want to determine the actual space a chair will occupy and the space between chairs. Additional space will be needed when people leave the table and chairs are pulled away. There might be situations when the table is not extended fully, so you also have to consider where to put those extra dining chairs.


Always inspect your future dining chairs for quality. They have to be structurally solid enough to stand the test of time and support people with extra weight. A smart trick is to gently jiggle a chair to make sure its legs, arms, or back don’t sway or move. Surface of a dining chair has to be free of any splintering and snags, it also should feel smooth to the touch.


The material your dining chairs are made of is a very important aspect that in most cases will determine their look and feel.

Wooden dining chairs have always been popular, and here at Dubai Furniture Direct we have a great selection of finishes and styles for any taste.

If you want a richer effect, upholstered chairs could be a great choice, while acrylic dining chairs usually fit best in a modern or a small space. Another popular choice of many buyers are metal dining chairs.

Whatever is your decision, you don’t have to limit your imagination or be afraid to experiment. Dubai Furniture Direct offers dining chairs made of mixed materials as well, so feel free to pick whatever you like and want.

We always strive to ensure complete satisfaction of our customers. Not only do we have a friendly support staff that is always ready to address any questions you might have, we also make sure that our prices are as affordable as possible

Bar stools

Just a few decades ago barstools could only be found in restaurants and pubs, but time has changed, and innovative, space-saving solutions are now available for people in their home kitchens. Barstools are becoming extremely popular and totally compulsive elements of modern kitchens, as not only do they efficiently utilize the space and accommodate large amounts of houseguests, but they can also bring out a bold, stylish look to your dining zone. Being snugly ensconced under the countertop ledge or along the kitchen island, they supply you and your family with additional seating, while taking a bite or preparing a meal.

Whether you fancy more functional swivel bar stools to match your funky-styled studio or classic, sturdy-looking barstools that will seamlessly blend in with the stern lines of your traditional kitchen, you can find any type you need on our website.

Swivel barstools for added comfort and joy.

No doubts, swivel stools are the most comfortable seats ever made, plus a great fun for your kids. Children love to play, so they might spend hours spinning on swivel stools. On top of that, this kind of a chair can work well even for adults who simply cannot sit still for a long time. But apart from the fun side, it still provides lots of comfort as the footstep allows you stay steady while the seat turning option makes hopping-on and getting-off easy.

Bring more diversity into your life with our wooden barstools.

If you would rather go for the furniture pieces that feature straight lines to complement the classic look of your decor, then you should definitely opt for our wooden barstools. They will be sure to add timeless elegance and charm to the design of your home kitchen, patio or yard. With their intricate curves, they create a magical atmosphere of the distant past. Furthermore, if you have kids, then a wooden barstool could be a fantastic way to get the most out of your creativity as you will use it as an ideal place for story-telling. Your little ones reluctantly brush their teeth or refuse to put their pajamas on before going to bed? No worries, because you can easily encourage them to do all these things with more enthusiasm as they look forward to immersing themselves into a fairy adventure, while you read an incredible story about their favorite heroes on the wooden barstool from Dubai Furniture Direct.

Our online store offers a huge collection of barstools: traditional, contemporary, with rest arms and without, with seat back and backless, swivel, stationary, metal and wooden.

Kitchen Furniture

There is no doubt that kitchen is the central room of any house. It is a favorite place of a lot of people to get together with friends and family to chat and a have a delicious meal. Obviously, for this place to feel like home, we have to carefully consider all the details of the interior. Kitchen furniture plays a major role in turning your kitchen from an ordinary room to a cozy and welcoming space, where you would like to stay forever.

Functionality of the kitchen furniture is just as important as its design, especially if you cook a lot or like to host dinner parties at your place. There is a great chance of staining or otherwise damaging the furniture surface, so it is crucial to purchase the kitchen furniture, which is manufactured from the highest quality materials. We always ensure that the furniture available at Dubai Furniture Direct complies with all the standards of quality.

Selecting the best kitchen furniture

If you want your kitchen to be stylish and practical, you have come to the right place. On our website we have a large assortment of kitchen furniture for you to select from. Kitchen furniture includes various cabinets, shelving, tables, chairs, and other items. You have a chance to browse through our large online collection and pick the most suitable options for your kitchen.

The furniture comes in different designs and helps you create the kitchen, which will become a great representation of your personal taste. On our website you are able to find the furniture, which is very different in style – from simple and sleek modern design to warm and traditional classic interior. Depending on what kind of kitchen interior you want to achieve, you can either purchase a complete kitchen set with all the necessary furniture or choose elements from different collections.

Online shopping at Dubai Furniture Direct

The goal of Dubai Furniture Direct is to always bring the best furniture to our customers. The reason for our affordable price range is that we don’t spend a lot of money and time on the maintenance of the shop. Thus, we can focus all our resources and energy on the extension of the range and provision of the best customer services we possibly can. If you need any advice on which furniture will be best for your house, you can always direct your questions to our customer support service, which will help you make the right choice.


Buffet is a truly versatile furniture piece from both aesthetic and functional standpoints as it opens up a variety of uses and arrangement ideas for any living area of your house or apartment. Many of us are blinded by a misconception that buffets are rather unfashionable and can only be placed in the dining room. That is sheer nonsense because contemporary manufacturers offer buffets that can be used extensively wherever you wish depending on your needs, even in the bathroom. With the buffets from Dubai Furniture Direct, you will discover multiple opportunities for upgrading your home, since our buffets feature both a fascinating style to complement your home decor and remarkable durability that will last for years.


A traditional solution for your dining room

If you have a spacious dining room, a buffet hutch is definitely what you are looking for. Its cabinets with inside shelving will provide plenty of storing space for dishes, glassware or table linens. Alternatively, you can opt for open shelving to exhibit your delicate porcelain cups or glittering crystal flutes. But if the space of your kitchen or dining room is limited, you may go for a buffet table that is a bit smaller in size. Yet the built-in drawers will supply you with oodles of additional space for cutlery or napkins, while its surface will act as an ideal place for the food to be served during a party.


A perfect addition to any home interior

Unleash your creativity and bring more elegance into your home by purchasing this amazing furniture piece from Dubai Furniture Direct. At our online store you will discover myriads of options available for you.

Does your living room look boring and you want to spice it up. Then a new buffet is just what you need. Your favorite items, books or framed photographs can be neatly displayed atop the buffet surface or upon the shelves. Do you need a mirror in your bedroom? No problem! You may furnish your sleeping room with a buffet featuring a mirror. In addition, we pride ourselves on offering a large selection of buffets in various styles and shapes - from modern, minimalistic designs to more traditional ones, with legs or without them. Our buffets are crafted from a wide range of materials for your taste, so you may choose from either sleek plastic or sturdy-looking hardwoods to complete the look of your room in a way suitable for you.




Are you looking for a desk to be sufficiently versatile in terms of comfort and function, yet sophisticated to blend in with the color scheme of your home's decor? Then Dubai Furniture Direct is exactly what you need as here you can find a huge variety of desks for your home office that will not only provide you with comfortable working space, but also ideally complete the look of your living area whether it is contemporary-styled or a traditional one.


Selecting a smart solution to comply with your wishes

But before selecting the desk that will perfectly suit your needs, make sure you are aware of the desk types available at our online store.

Those who have to deal with drawing or sketching at their working place might take advantage of standing desks or drafting tables. Moreover, they could serve as an alternative desk for people who are used to working in a sitting position most of their time to give their sore backs a break.

If you spend loads of time sitting at the computer, then you will definitely benefit from our computer desks, equipped with a keyboard platform and adjustable legs to promote better comfort and less muscle strain. These desks also feature wiring holes which allows keeping cords out of the way.

Working at home and raising small kids at the same time might be overwhelming, so you should probably take good care of your documents. In this case purchasing a compact armoire desk with built-in cabinets and shelving will help immeasurably to conceal the clutter and keep things organized, while locking drawers will store the most important and valuable papers out of your children's sight.


Top-quality desks at affordable prices from Dubai Furniture Direct

Get most out of our desks as they are available in myriads of choices. Go for laminate surfaces if your budget is limited, and you will not be disappointed as this particular type of material will provide you with even more durability compared to wood, while creating a visual illusion that fools an eye into believing that a desk is crafted from pure wood. Choose from a wide array of colors and patterns to ideally match the color scheme of your room decor.


Add more charm to your work space with our wood and veneer options

Bring more elegance into the interior of your home office by purchasing the desks that are made of wood or covered with veneer. The intricate carving and dense hints of wood will surely add a sophisticated flair to your working space. Meticulously designed, these desks offer the impeccable quality for both suspension parts and construction itself to create comfortable and ergonomic workplace within your home office.

Office Chairs


Modern office chairs are not just furniture for sitting; they contribute to the effective work. It is very important to select proper chairs for any working space, since a person spends the majority of working time sitting. Using an appropriate chair allows you to reduce the load on the back to a minimum and ensures the proper back position, which prevents spinal curvature. Therefore, the chair for the workplace must be convenient, comfortable and fit your parameters.


The Wide Selection of Office Chairs, Which you can find in “Dubai Furniture Direct”


On the website of the online store “Dubai Furniture Direct”, you can find a wide selection of office chairs, suitable for people of any build.


Our online store offers:


  • - models with anatomical backrests;
  • - swivel chairs;
  • - chairs with adjustable heights and backrests;
  • - chairs with and without armrests.


Thus, our large selection of swivel office chairs includes the products, which meet the requirements, concerning comfort and convenience. Modern chairs, used for working premises, possess certain complex mechanisms. It is preferable to choose models, equipped with anatomical backrests. High-quality models are characterized by special mechanisms that allow for the person to customize the chair to their liking. The upholstery should be characterized by middle hardness and made of breathable materials. Office chairs usually meet the above-mentioned requirements. They are equipped with high backrests, allowing one to lean on them and relax the back muscles and spine. Any person should take a break from time to time, and using such a chair will provide you with such an opportunity.


If a person does not feel tired after working for a long time, then most likely he or she is provided with a comfortable office chair.


In addition to the classical models of office chairs, our shop offers modern models, characterized by the unconventional design, wide range of materials used and innovative design features.


Office chairs, offered by the online store “Dubai Furniture Direct”, create favorable conditions for the effective work of office workers.


Using the site of “Dubai Furniture Direct” you can select suitable office chairs as well as buy them at low prices. The representatives of our customer services work round the clock; they will answer all your questions, concerning ordering or selecting goods. The catalogue of the online shop is comprised of the large number of office chairs, so you will surely find a chair that you will like.






Dubai Furniture Direct offers a broad selection of home office furniture at competitive prices including desks, office chairs, storage and file cabinets.


Home office furniture is an extremely popular trend in modern society with more and more people either working in the comfort of their homes or simply taking advantage of latest technologies to spend some time online.


With so many office desks, storage cabinets, storage benches, and more to choose from selecting right storage furniture for your home takes careful consideration, and there are several things you will have to pay attention to before deciding on what to actually purchase.


  • - Consider the space
  • - Choose comfort and style
  • - Consider you budget




It might happen that you fancy certain home office set, but does it really fit into the space you are going to use. Underestimating or overestimating how much space you have is often the biggest mistake the buyers make. Therefore, before buying anything you have to measure your room and plan the placement for your furniture.

Nature of your work and sometimes even cultural aspects will dictate how much work space you will actually need. You want to use your time to the fullest potential possible. Whatever these factors are, you still need adequate storage furniture.


Home office furniture that suits you enables you to work more productively, so this is something you have to pay a great deal of attention. Whether you are a tall or a short person, first of all you need an adequate chair, and the best solution for all will be an adjustable. Surely you want something stylish, but the first thing you have to be sure of is you can sit on your chairs for at least a couple of hours without experiencing any discomfort.

A good thing to do is to determine how many hours per day you are going to use your office and choose accordingly.


Office storage furniture is not any different from any other types of furniture when it comes to price range. You can spend big and buy the most expensive office furniture, or you can choose cheaper models. Expensive furniture is not necessarily a good one; very often you can purchase excellent and comfortable models for a relatively small price.


In the end, it all depends on your own taste and needs, and what we at Dubai Furniture Direct can do is assist you with any aspect of your purchase.



File cabinets

Adding a file cabinet to the rest of your home office furniture will be a great solution that will help to keep your clutter out of the sight. Available in myriads of sizes and shapes at our online store, they can serve as a perfect addition to your working space. Once you purchase a file cabinet, handling mountains of documents will no longer be an overwhelming task. With their immense versatility in terms of style and functions, our file cabinets can be used extensively for a great multitude of purposes — from tucking away your files to exhibiting your favorite items. Most importantly, despite their affordability, you do not have to compromise on quality and durability.


From ''compact'' slenderness to ''wide'' functionality

There is a wide range of file cabinets to select from. Depending on your needs, you may choose among a variety of either vertical or lateral file cabinets. You will surely benefit from vertical cabinets in case you have limited space in your home office. Their tall and compact construction supplies you with plenty of storage space while providing lots of additional space for the rest of the furniture to be nicely arranged in your workplace area. Lateral cabinets, in contrast, can effectively fill the space of your roomy home office. Apart from offering oodles of ample storage inside the drawers, they also provide a large surface space that allows to neatly accommodate books, candles, framed photographs or any other accessories atop them.


Premium-quality file cabinets at Dubai Furniture Direct

You will be impressed by the impeccable quality of our pieces that ensure long-lasting sturdiness of the construction, as well as smooth, trouble-free operation of the drawer-glides. Take advantage of using our file cabinets and enjoy their multiple options. Not only the drawers of our file cabinets will protect your documents from dust, but its reliable locking system will securely conceal them from your kids.


Multiple design choices to fit your stylization needs

At Dubai Furniture Direct you will manage to find plenty of design solutions to complement any look within your home office. You will love the clean lines and sleek finishes of our custom file cabinets crafted from solid wood, as they will match any home decor whether it is traditional or more contemporary-styled. Those who prefer elegance and chic in their interior may opt for the file cabinets featuring sophisticated curves and antique-like, ornamental details to enhance the charm of their working environment.




Commercial Office Furniture

The modern office is a multifunctional space where you collaborate with other people and process information. Office spaces are meant to accommodate people for extended durations, shorter periods of time or occasional visits. Accordingly, commercial office furniture comes in different shapes and sizes to serve all these diverse needs. Let us highlight for you, in broader lines, several classes of office furniture you can find at our store.


Guest Reception Furniture

Impress your business partners at first sight with stylish reception area that can also serve as a place for less formal meetings. We suggest you to consider a modular set consisting of a combination of a coffee table, several chairs, a loveseat sofa and a larger sofa. Keep in mind that your main criteria here are durable frames, high-density cushions and quality stain-resistant upholstery.


Sitting accommodation

Desks and workstations

Most modern office desks feature a combination of working surface with some sort of storage represented by drawers, slide-out panels, smaller hutches and retractable keyboard trays. Popular modular constructions for desks are L-Desks and U-Desks. L-desks consist of a main desk and an add-on storage-oriented return, either right or left. U-Desks, also known as an office hutch with bridge, are ideal for increasing storage space. One of the returns can also serve as a meeting table for visitors. Corner Desks, as their name suggest, are designed to fit into a corner. Unlike L-Desks, corner desks are usually one-peace, not modular, desks under a single tabletop. Workstations are a hybrid type of office furniture that combines sitting and vertical storage accommodation. Essentially, a workstation is a desk that features add-on vertical shelving unit on its outer perimeter. You can keep your desk clean and keep all the necessary appliances (a phone, a printer or a scanner) within reach. Some workstations are equipped with magnetic writing boards to fasten your to-do lists.


Conference tables

Smaller round tables are great for brainstorming sittings or impromptu meetings. Larger sized rectangular, boat-shaped or oval-shaped conference tables can come in sectioned tops that can be split up to create different arrangements.


Office Chairs

We offer the most innovative office chairs designed to work for your comfort and your style. Modern office chairs come with adjustment options to offer spine and arms support specifically for your size and your work habits. Casters and S-shaped back frames allow users to move freely while maintaining spine support. Seat depths and heights can also be regulated for your needs. Depending on your style, preferences and budget, office chairs come in leather or synthetic upholstery finishing. Computer chairs are often equipped with breathable mesh back frames.


Finding the right crib for your little one

Preparing for your child's birth is an exciting part of your life as parents become head over heels involved in the process of decorating the nursery room of their baby-to-be. Whereas picking the vibrant wallpaper or colorful curtains for your child's bedroom is amusing, finding reliable furniture for your baby should be a top priority.

Choosing the right crib is a focal point for promoting the safety and comfort of your baby. As your little one is going to spend a great deal of time in his sleeping place, you should be well-informed about all the functions a crib features to find the one that best suits your needs.


Versatility, Convenience and Diversity of styles

Our online store offers a great variety of these pieces: from stationary cribs to convertible ones with an attached changer or a bottom drawer that will come in handy for those who love smart investments.

Here you will find a huge collection of cribs for any taste. If you are a lover of classic styles, then we have plenty of options to suggest for you. With some of our cribs designed in elegant flair, your nursery will be graced with unrepeated allure and simplicity. You will be impressed by the handsomely curved panels and intricate detailing and it will certainly make a striking addition to the rest of your decor.


If you fancy more contemporary designs, then you will love our convertible cribs that not only brighten up your child's room with their graceful and sleek look, but also last long as your child grows. However, most of our cribs feature design that can be styled both traditionally and modernly. They are also available in a wide range of colors, so choosing a crib that will perfectly blend in with the interior of your nursery room will be as easy as pie.


Top-quality items, first-rate service and best price at Dubai Furniture Direct.

When it comes to the quality of the cribs we sell, we acknowledge that safety and comfort of your child should come first, so we assure you that these pieces of furniture are made with expert craftsmanship along with the usage of sturdy, premium-quality materials. Most of our cribs are very easy to assemble, which is why there will be no need in professional help. Nevertheless, if any issues do appear, our highly-qualified staff always strives to deliver first-rate service and successfully manage any problem in no time. And don't forget that the cribs from our online store are perfectly priced for your budget, so not only will they help refresh your nursery, but can also be a good money-saving investment.

Kids’ Beds

All parents want to provide their children with the best things possible. It is incredibly important to choose the furniture for children that not only looks interesting, but is also practical, safe and durable. Bedroom is a place where children grow up and spend a lot of their time playing games, sleeping and studying, so the main priority is to make sure that their room corresponds to all these requirements.

Kids’ beds should always be age-appropriate and functional. At such a young age, the child’s posture is only starting to develop and having the right bed plays a crucial role in this process. Besides that, a great benefit of having a comfortable place to sleep is that you won’t have problems putting your kids to bed. They will be happy to sleep there!


Finding the perfect bed is easier than ever!

Kids’ beds are really fun pieces of furniture, as they come in absolutely different shapes, sizes and colors. Before purchasing a bed for your child, you should consider characteristics, such as child’s age and height. If you want your kid to be able to sleep in this bed for at least several years, remember to buy a bigger bed. If you have two children living in one room and you want to use it efficiently, a good idea might be to buy a double bunk bed. It will save a lot of space for your children to study and play.

Kids’ beds available on our website are always of the highest quality and will last you for years to come. Various materials are used for making of the beds, but wood remains the most popular material for kids’ beds, as it is not only incredibly durable, but also natural and safe. When it comes to colors, it is quite obvious that children like everything bright. Neutral and light colors will also look great in children’s bedroom.


A great collection of beds for affordable prices

In our online shop you can browse through an extensive collection of different furniture, including affordable kids’ beds. We always make sure that you receive the best customer support service and get the highest quality products. What distinguishes our online shop from offline shops is our wide range of furniture, which you can purchase online without any delays or waiting in long lines. If you have any questions or any doubts about which bed to choose, you can always contact our customer support for detailed information. It has never been more fun and easy to find the perfect furniture for your children.






Kids’ Storage

Convenient storage furniture for kids’ rooms is definitely something you shouldn’t overlook. All children love having a lot of space for them to have fun and the right furniture will help you clear up as much room as possible. Kids’ storage is not much different from the storage furniture for adults and there are just as many furniture options to fit any type of room and design. Also, kids’ storage furniture is not only functional, but will teach your kids to take care of what they have and put their things away neatly.


Find the most convenient kids’ storage on our website

In our online shop we have a lot of kids’ storage options and you will certainly be able to find the perfect furniture for your child’s room. Storage options include various cabinets, shelves, dressers and chests available in different sizes and designs. If you have a small room, but a lot of things in it, a great idea would be to purchase storage furniture that is not too wide and goes up to the ceiling. At the top you can store things that are used rarely. For storing of toys you can use low cabinets and toy organizers. Remember to buy the storage for toys according to your children’s height if you want them to be able to reach for their things. Open shelves can be used to store decorative pieces, nice-looking toys and books. You can also get your child a large table with drawers to keep his or her school supplies.

Children like their things to be fun and exciting. If you want to add colors and brightness to your child’s room, you can opt for multicolored cabinets or shelves. However, light and neutral-colored kids’ storage will look just as amazing in your child’s room and even make it look bigger.


The most affordable and high-quality furniture at Dubai Furniture Direct

The quality of the storage furniture on our website is always top-notch and you save a lot of time by ordering it online. The materials used for making of the furniture are durable, easy to maintain and will serve you for many years. Moreover, you can only find such a variety of furniture in huge offline stores, but it is quite difficult and stressful to choose something there. It is much more pleasant to select the kids’ storage furniture through Dubai Furniture Direct in the comfort of your own house.

If you have any questions about what to pick from our extensive collection, you can always ask our professional customer support service for their help.

Transform the imaginary world of your little one into reality with Dubai Furniture Direct

Kids are often immersed into a magical world of fairy land as they imagine themselves to be lovely princesses or valiant superheroes. Help them make their dreams come true and transform their imaginary world of fantastic creatures into reality. By purchasing our original furniture and implementing some creative design ideas you will surely encourage your mind to create the interior your child always longed for.


Storage ideas for your kid's room

Are you sick and tired of clearing up the mess your children leave during their playtime and you do not have any storage room to put their toys away. Then you definitely need some fresh solutions that will help you bust the cluster in the kids’ bedroom forever.

Opt for the shelves from our store and install them near the ceiling. This will not only keep the toys out of your child's sight, but will also add a hint of modern style to the decor of your kids’ bedroom. The toys can also be displayed on the cubbies. Try out the ones made of light wood and paint them into the right color to beautifully blend in with the interior of your child's living area.

Build-in dressers, pullout baskets or lined bins placed under the bunk beds is another smart solution that supplies oodles of storage for your stuff.

The storage bins set in neat rows in the open bookcase could be a perfect way to conceal your toys while cabinets and wardrobe dressers can be used for storing your kids' clothes.

If you have a pint-size room, using white furniture and background will create an optical illusion of an enlarged space and prevent the room from looking too cramped up.


Multiple design ideas with Dubai Furniture Direct

Decorating your child's room in a way that incorporates style and function might be challenging, but with our furniture this task will definitely seem easy-peasy for you.

Get inspired by your kids' favorite heroes, animals and fairy creatures. Add fun accents by using thematic furniture, bedding and stickers to create playful atmosphere.

The bright colorful furniture, that will suit perfectly either a boy or a girl, will bring a bold, stylish touch to your kid's bedroom design.

Since kids grow fast, their bedroom becomes a place that needs frequent upgrades. But with furniture pieces from Dubai Direct Furniture, your child's living space will never go out of date.

Our classic kids' bedroom sets with straight lines and neutral, pastel finish offer timeless design that will work well in any interior.

Sofas and seats

Add more diversity to the living space of your home with our sofas and loveseats. A huge variety of styles along with comfort and sophisticated design will no doubt draw you in. No other online store can boast of such a wide selection of sofas and loveseats. Whether you fancy austerity of classic styles or wish to indulge your passion for modern concepts with their fanciful curves and acid colors, then our sofas and loveseats are what you are looking for as you will surely find something in line with your taste.


Sofas that make a difference

Sofa is an integral part of your living room furniture, as you like to snuggle down in it after a busy day in your office or relish the sweetest moments spent with your family. This is why, it is important to choose furniture that could not only ideally match your home interior and enhance the beauty of your sitting room, but also provide you with sufficient level of comfort and rest.

By purchasing top-quality sofas from our online store, you will enjoy the ultimate longevity that should last for generations and the comfort you deserve. A blend of high-end materials and exquisite craftsmanship of a manufacturer will guarantee the protection of cushions from wear and even longer life for your sofa. An incredible collection of fabric upholstery is available for you to choose from, so opt for the color and pattern that will pleasantly harmonize with the decor of your house or apartment. Capture the comfort of our soft-to-touch fabrics and comfy pillow-back cushions that create the impression you will never forget.


Make a warm inviting addition to your home with our loveseats

Cozying up in front of a fireplace or enjoying the view from your chalet will be easy with our loveseats, as they are available in various styles and match any décor, whether you place this piece of furniture in your bedroom or at the lodge of your cottage house. The fabrics come in an unlimited array of colors and patterns, so you can choose the appearance that best suits your needs. A huge variety of construction styles, from vintage casual to more contemporary-looking, offers a relaxing comfort perfect for any living area.


Why sofas and loveseats from Dubai Furniture Direct?

Our sofas and loveseats incorporate inspiring designs, cozy feel, and eye-catching features. Dubai Furniture Direct prides itself on providing high-quality furniture at competitive prices. We also appreciate all our customers, which is why delivering first-rate service is a top-priority for our team.


Chairs & Recliners at Dubai Furniture Direct

Impeccable style and top-of-the-line class comfort has been the hallmark of Dubai Furniture Direct for quite a long time. Our shop offers a wide range of top quality furniture, including chairs & recliners, all from the world-renowned manufacturers.

Designing your home or office, you are always looking for something exclusive, and while offering a unique and impressive style, we also think about the comfort. As a future owner of Dubai Furniture Direct furniture you can be absolutely confident that our furniture will make you happy for years.

All you have to do to choose chairs & recliners of your dream is to study our online-catalogue and select the items that catch your fancy.

There are three main criteria you have to pay attention to when buying furniture. These are design, comfort and durability.



It’s not a big secret that furniture reflects its owner’s inner world. We at Dubai Furniture Direct work with the best interior designers, so that you can be confident that you can always find the best solutions for your home and office. Utterly creative and unique, our furniture will bring a wash of positive emotions to your interior.



Furniture is bought to make your home comfortable. The bed you choose, kitchen, chairs & recliners, all of them are supposed to serve you for a long time. You don’t want to make major changes in your home’s interior very often; therefore, you have to pay extra attention to functionality of the furniture you buy.





You want your furniture to serve you for years, and that means quality of the product. Quality is something Dubai Furniture Direct has always been proud of. Our beds, chairs & recliners will standthe test of time; therefore, apart from style, you also buy proven quality.
So, if you want to purchase chairs & recliners online at Dubai Furniture Direct, you take advantage of:


  • - Wide selection of items in the catalogue
  • - Lower prices
  • - Detailed description of any item in the catalogue


Buying online is really easy and gives you an excellent opportunity to weigh all options available. Feel free to study full-sized photos of each product in our catalogue to make it easier.

After you make your choice, there’s nothing that stops you from making your purchase online. Our managers will contact you right after the order is submitted, so that the furniture is delivered as promptly as possible.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about assembling the furniture after delivery, as our workers will do the entire job for you.

Choose Dubai Furniture Direct. Choose style and comfort.

Coffee & Accent Tables

Table is an important element of almost every room in the house. It is not only an essential and practical piece of furniture, which allows you to eat, study or work, but it can also be an amazing decorative piece that will make your room even more interesting.

Various coffee & accent tables can play a role of decorative elements for any interior design. On our website you can choose your perfect table from a wide range of tables, which come in absolutely different shapes, sizes and styles. The choice is yours – you can either stick to the classic approach or be a little bit more eclectic by mixing and matching tables of different designs in order to achieve your own unique style. Moreover, quality of the furniture is always our first priority.

Choosing the perfect coffee & accent table

The main purpose of coffee & accent tables is to be used for keeping books, magazines, beverages, decorative pieces and bringing the element of interest to the interior. Wooden tables will make your place feel cozy and welcoming, while glass and metal materials look great in modern interiors and will bring some elegance to the design. The color of coffee & accent tables is equally as important as their materials and shapes, as it is one of the first things you notice when you enter the room. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and styles to make your place even more exciting.


Quality and Affordability

It has never been easier to find the perfect table for yourself with our extensive collection of coffee & accenttables. You no longer have to leave your house and spend an entire day in the furniture store trying to choose the best table for your room. On our website you can buy high-quality tables for affordable prices in a matter of minutes! This will save you a lot of time and nerves.

The main benefits of buying coffee & accent tables from our website include:

  • - Affordable prices
  • - Effective and time-saving service
  • - A wide collection of tables

The main goal of our online shop is to do everything we possibly can to keep clients satisfied with their new purchases. Thanks to the fact that we don’t have to spend our time and money on maintenance of the store, we can provide you with best tables for the most affordable prices. If you’re not sure which table to select, our knowledgeable customer support will always have some advice for you and will help you choose from the most appropriate table options for your house.

Sectional Sofas at Dubai Furniture Direct


Dubai Furniture Direct offers a wide selection of sectional sofas created by best designers and manufacturers from all over the world.

Living rooms are the most popular place in any home and therefore, no matter what type of sofa you choose, it is essential to have not only a nice looking but a high quality product that will last for many years.


There are several things you have to pay extra attention when choosing sectional sofas:


  • - Filling. There are there main types of filling used in sofas: fiber, foam and feather. All of them have their pros and cons, and our staff will help you to make the right choice.
  • - Upholstery. You want to have something nice, but you also want the upholstery to be practical and enduring.
  • - Forms. This is the key element of your living room’s interior and normally a case of individual preference. Sectional sofas will help you with experimenting.


Modern and minimalistic

Sectional sofas are an excellent solution for creating a cozy atmosphere in your living room. Unlike traditional sofas, they make the room more open and spacious.



Nature of sectional sofas leaves plenty of room for experiment. You can place sections in different places and make several combinations within the living room’s space. Be your own designer, don’t be afraid to experiment, and you will definitely be happy with the results.

Ideally, you first have to know the length and width of your room and to make a drawing, not forgetting to mark the doors and windows. This will help you to get a better perspective and find the best positioning for your sofas.

Our experienced consultants will help you to make the best decision selecting what exactly suits your needs.


Other important aspects of sectional sofas are forms, number of sections, width and depth, type of upholstery, elbow rests. Some manufacturers offer built-in shelves and liquor cabinets.


Usually sectional sofas are not cheap, but as a future owner of Dubai Furniture Direct products you can be confident of getting the best quality at the best price.


Entertainment Centers

Entertainment Center is a trendy feature in any living room. With so many exciting new models available, entertainment centers became a popular makeover project. Most entertainment centers are designed for housing modern TV theater units that go along with standalone speakers and multiple cords. If only that was all… Think about all the satellite boxes, DVD and Blue-ray players, gaming consoles and remote controls you are likely to have piled around your TV. You definitely need a very special furniture unit to accommodate for all your growing entertainment storage needs in the living room.

Take a look at our range of modern-day media furniture. Entertainment centers represented at our store come in different shapes and sizes. Let us highlight for you just a few popular types of media furniture.

TV Stands

Good old TV stands are still with us, but now most of them are designed for flat screen TVs and offer more shelves and compartment for set-top boxes, media players, as well as CDs and DVDs.

Multimedia Storage Units

There are two distinct subgroups within this group: storage towers and cabinets. Both of them are storage units for hundreds of CDs, DVDs and Blue-ray Disks. As their name suggest, towers are tall stands, usually spinning, equipped with several levels of “nests” all around. Media cabinets store your media library in a solid cabinetry, thus protecting your media assets from dust and direct sunlight. Storage units provide maximum storage capacity in a minimum amount of space.

Media walls

It is a growing trend to combine TV and equipment stands with media storage space within a larger media wall that automatically becomes a central attraction in your living room. In this class of entertainment centers let`s pay attention to entertainment consoles and modular entertainment walls.

Entertainment console is a complete one-piece media center that incorporates a TV stand and storage space. Console offers a framework for your home theater system with abundant storage space for all your system components, accessories and media library as well as perforation holes in the backbone for clutter-free wiring. Keep in mind that consoles are designed to hold flat-panel TVs of specific size. If TV panel is mounted, then pay attention to weight limitations. Consoles offer separate compartments for speakers and other gear like your video game consoles, audio receiver or cable/satellite box. Additional cabinets allow storing DVDs and other media.

With our entertainment center models and finishes, you can create the one-of-a-kind statement that perfectly matches your home interior and your lifestyle. 


Discover a perfect bookshelf for your living room

So, you want to arrange your piles of books accurately or imagine displaying your collectables, photos and favorite vases with your books. We have a great variety of living room storage units that come in diverse styles and sizes to match your taste and specific needs. Classical bookcases and elegant étagères, mounted wall shelves and display cabinets, modular shelving units, and our multi-tasking bookshelves will house all your favorite belongings.

You do need to be an interior designer to make the right choice. Let us walk you through different varieties of living room bookshelves to highlight their respective functionality.


Usually protected by sidewalls and a back panel, bookcases have multiple shelves that offer visible storage for your books, magazines, home accents and other items you want to showcase. There are also models with additional drawers that keep your miscellaneous stuff.


Light and airy, étagères originate from France and convey a touch of classical ambience. They are open shelves for displaying framed photographs, home accents and décor as well as for keeping a few books. They are often designed to fit into a corner and come both in wood and metal finishing.

Shelving units

Usually consisting of several modules, shelving units are a trendy yet practical storage solution. Place them behind a sofa and you have a European-inspired chic room divider. Put the shelves on top of each other and they become a contemporary bar. Arrange the units next to each other – and you`ve got a stylish flat-panel television stand. Shelving units are a perfect storage for your belongings and can be used for artistic displays.

Display Cabinets

Glass-door cabinet keeps your items free from dust yet allows you to see what’s inside. You can show off and protect your fine china or fancy tableware, miniature statuettes, and, of course, your treasured books. Sometimes equipped with built-in interior lights, display cabinets add character to any space.

Wall mounted bookshelves

With no footprint at all, wall mounted bookshelves can be wonderful space-savers. They can be engineered to fit any space and come in myriad of configurations hence their appeal to younger customers. The only disadvantage is that some varieties of mounted bookshelves are not designed to hold objects over 20 kg.

Be on the lookout for bookshelves with casters on the bottom. They allow easy mobility, do not scratch your floor and can be constantly moved as per user`s liking.

Wide selection of ottomans at D ubai Furniture Direct

Dubai Furniture Direct is happy to offer you a large selection of ottomans. Known for their multifunctionality, ottomans can not only complement your sofa, but be a true focal point of your living-room.

Originally coming from Turkey, the country that knows a lot about exquisiteness and shows discrimination in proper rest, ottomans will definitely tell others a lot about your life style and your design skills. Often an essential asset to your sofa, ottomans nevertheless steal the show in many homes.


There are several ways people use ottomans for:

  • - They are commonly known as a footrest;
  • - They often replace coffee tables;
  • - They are used as additional seating;
  • - They are used as a storage place for small items like remote controls, toys, keys, etc.


In the course of the centuries ottomans have changed a lot, and nowadays they can have several different appearances. Some ottomans look like a small couch with either puffy cushions serving as a back-rest, or with a single back-rest at the headboard, or with no back-rest at all.

Sometimes it even happens that modern ottomans have nothing in common with early examples from the 18-th century when they first appeared.
In its classic drawing-room version, an ottoman’s case is made of fine wood while the item itself is padded with luxurious carpets, leather or ornamental drapery. Modern versions tend to be more sectional, and these sectional systems leave plenty of room for experiment.

With enough fantasy a regular sofa can turn into a corner sofa with an ottoman or several armchairs with footrests. Or you can make additional sleeping areas or create some funky environment in the living room.

Other ideas

It often happens that sofa in the living-room is reserved for the adults, while children get left sitting on the floor. Why not use ottomans as a place for kids? They can have a separate place to sit when they are joining in on a family get-together, or have friends over.

Choosing the right ottoman

When choosing your ottoman, pay extra attention to the size and functionality of the room you want to place it in.
Think about the upholstery. If you plan to use your new purchase often, it makes sense to choose something water-proof and that can be cleaned easily.
If possible, try to sit or lie on the item you like. You can’t do that when shopping online via Dubai Furniture Direct store of course, but one thing you can be sure is that our managers will consult you, bringing your attention to every essential detail.

Sofas, Chairs, and Sectionals

Imagine a warm sunny day: the air is filled with sweet scent of flowers, light wind plays with fresh green leaves. On such a day, no in-room entertainment can compete with the scenery outside and you cannot resist spending your whole day on the patio. If you want to blend into the perfect scene and stay there for a while, you need the most comfortable outdoor furniture.

Everyone has different ideas on his or her ideal outdoor lounge furniture. Some favor the ageless allure of wicker patio chairs, while others dream of nothing else but to stretch out on an outdoor sofa or sit with legs tucked on a larger sectional with a group of friends. Sturdy and handsome Adirondack chairs give your patio a dash of a mountain chalet. There are people who cannot resist tilting back and forth in their outdoor rocking chairs, while some prefer the minimalism and flexibility of their folding chairs. In our store, you can find the most popular and trendy models of outdoor chairs, sofas and sectionals made of materials such as wicker (natural and artificial), wood, aluminum, polymer, steel and iron. We will accentuate wicker and wood patio chairs and sofas, since they are our bestsellers.


Wicker patio chairs and sofas

Wicker furniture is manufactured from weaving branches of materials such as willow, reed, rattan, bamboo or artificial material around a frame and into the shapes of chair or sofas. Willow has a soft look and is perfect for a patio boasting of natural light. Rattan furniture is extremely durable and can stay outside during all seasons. Bamboo is the world`s strongest wood product and comes in hundreds of shades. Wicker furniture lasts longer if protected with anti-fading and anti-cracking coating. If your patio is exposed to contrasting weather, look at plastic wicker because it will endure unfriendly weather conditions far more effectively than any type of natural material.

Wicker chairs and sofas are paired with colorful cushions, creating an atmosphere of relaxation on a tropical resort. Light and airy, wicker furniture is easy to move around and transfer inside when the weather deteriorates.

We recommend owners to wipe and dust wicker furniture more regularly than indoor furniture.


Outdoor sofas, sectionals and chairs made of wood

Because it looks solid and sturdy, does not absorb heat and lasts for ages, wooden patio furniture is always popular. Softwoods cedar and pine, as well as hardwoods teak and eucalyptus are the types of wood used in outdoor furniture. These woods are resistant to moisture damage, shrinkage and insects. The most popular patio lounging furniture made of wood are folding lounge and lawn chairs, rustic Adirondack chairs, smaller sofas and loveseats. Outdoor chairs and sofas made of wood may require a preservative to protect against mold and insects. If not painted, use an oil finish to sustain its original look.


Hammocks and Swings


We at Dubai Furniture Direct are happy to offer you an impressive selection of hammocks and swings that will help you turn your garden or patio into a comfortable outdoor space.


Often associated with the way a true relaxation should look, hammocks will definitely help you relax, but with so many types available, choosing a perfect item for your outdoor place could prove to be a far from relaxing experience.


Things to consider


When choosing hammocks and swings there will a number of things you have to pay attention to.


  • - Material
  • - Comfort
  • - Durability
  • - Overall quality


Types of hammocks


Classic rope hammock is the most familiar one, yet there are plenty of options from the durability and comfort point of view. Cotton is one of the most popular choices for quilted fabric made hammocks. Being widely available, cotton hammocks and swings are soft, pleasant to the touch, and they stretch well conforming to the shape of the body.

The biggest downside of cotton hammocks is the fact they are less durable and weather resistant when compared with polyester or DuraCord, two other popular materials used for hammocks and swings. Normally a polyester hammock is able to withstand both rain and sunlight and therefore be left outside for lengthy periods of time, while a cotton one has to be brought inside more often to avoid damage.


DuraCord hammocks might be expensive, but would be the best choice offering both high quality and durability. Often made in various bright colors, they will not only give your outdoor space a very personal touch but will be a solid investment as well.

Porch swings

Porch swings may come in different materials including wood, plastic or metal, or resin wicker. Classic hanging porch swings are just what the name says: they hang from the porch and are equipped with chains and hooks for installation. You will need an area large enough for swinging, while support should be strong enough so that your swing doesn’t come crashing down.


Yard swings


Yard swings come with a frame that allows them to stand alone. Yard swings often have cushioned seats and a canopy for more comfort. Strong winds can damage the swing though.


Hammocks and swings accessories


Hanging hardware, tree straps and hammock stands are the most important hammock accessories, so you have to pay due attention to these when selecting your future hammock.

Therefore, what you have to look for is quality. Rust-resistance is another important factor if you choose a steel stand. Steel and hardwood are a mark of a higher quality.

Another important consideration is the weight a stand can support. Most of them support up to 450 pounds, but there are models designed for 600 pounds.


Whatever you choose, make sure you learn about advantages and disadvantages of the desired model before the purchase. Dubai Furtune Direct will be happy to assist you.



How to Choose a Sofa That Will Last Forever

Like everything else in this era of endless choice, there seem to be infinite options when it comes to choosing a sofa.

Dubai Furniture — impeccable style and lux class comfort

Dubai Furniture is a shop for those out for a unique style for their home and office. The quality of our furniture is assured by best manufacturers from all over the world. When selecting furniture for our shop we didn’t go for the impressive looks only – we also kept future owner’s comfort in mind. We offer you our online-catalogue where you can choose furniture that will make you happy for many years.

We base our choices on simple criteria and recommend you to consider them as well.


You buy furniture to bring comfort to your house. Consider whether you will be comfortable to sit on this armchair, sleep in this bed or cook in this kitchen every day. You don’t intend to change the interior in a month, so try being extremely scrupulous about each item’s functionality.


You buy furniture expecting it to serve you for years. Our online-shop offers you high-quality models from renowned manufacturers. By purchasing furniture on, you acquire qualitative products that won’t be ruined by time. We assure you – durable furniture can by stylish indeed!


Considering that you spend the most of your time at home, the interior is extremely important for it creates a certain mood every day. We abhor the idea of faceless and uncreative furniture. Each part of the interior is supposed to reflect the inner world of the owner. We work with popular interior designers to offer you best solutions for home and office.

Buy furniture online! It’s easy!

Dubai Furniture is not inferior to offline shops in any way. You will find detailed photos and descriptions of each product in our catalogue. Furniture sizes are also featured in the description, so you there is nothing stopping you from making an order at the website.

Buying furniture online is fast and safe. We will deliver chosen items to your address as soon as possible. Our managers will contact you for details the moment they receive your order.

Our workers will do a quick and fine work of assembling the furniture in your house or office – just tell us where you would like to place it.

Dubai Furniture —comfort guaranteed!